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  collaborate and build group intelligence

We provide web-based tools and consulting services to support organizations and consultants. Our purpose is to help teams make
effective decisions based on shared data, resulting in increased alignment and faster implementation..

Here are several standard organization needs, and how we can add value to your work

  Your need
Our value-add


Shared results lead to group learning. Identify your areas of strength and weakness.


Interactive meetings provide opportunities for buy-in and for gathering the group's intelligence. Hear from everyone.


Brainstorm or
Delphi process

Create better solutions and build improvement by using fast-cycle brainstorming to increase group understanding.

  • convene interactive meetings online more...
  • use decision tools to distlll the team's collective wisdom more...
  • update action lists, with links to files or discussions more...
  • build surveys and assessments for alignment more...

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    Internal and external consultants -- our tools are ideal for engaging your clients with assessments, planning, or project management. Build interaction and transparency into your team processes.

    You can start a site simply for $99 a month for a team workspace for 5 members. . When your group shares their data and their thinking, everyone gets involved.
    The result is accelerated alignment and fast action for the organization!

    Rely on our expert help for design, facilitation or consulting ... or do it yourself using our simple templates. Our senior consultants can help you design effective surveys, conduct interactive meetings, and train your virtual team for effective online collaboration.

    • speed up data capture and interaction in face-to-face meetings
    • host virtual meetings with participants from any location
    • stay connected over time with dispersed team discussions and action updates
    • build collaborative web pages using the familiar text editor


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