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Leveraging Collective Intelligence for Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

Your team’s collective intelligence is greater than the sum of it’s parts; help them align with strategic planning and organizational development tools from GroupMind™.

Strategic planning, change management, and organizational development processes benefit from experienced consultants with software that leverages collective intelligence. GroupMind tools and processes make effective meetings, decisions, planning, organizational assessments, change and crowd- accelerated learning.

GroupMind is a flexible set of integrated web based collaboration tools that support planning and change across functional and geographic boundaries, and provides tangible reports.Our best practices are the result of over twenty years experience in facilitating thousands of meeting, surveys, planning sessions, 360 assessments, change management processes, and learning engagements.

Transform Your Meetings

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tools allow many participants to rapidly input honest thinking, set priorities, share documents, make decisions and track initiatives. Managers, change agents and initiative owners do better when they know what people really think. Honest information is a starting place for change to take hold and stick. GroupMind levels the playing field for candid communications.

Gain Insights Into What Really Matters

Surveys and Organizational Assessments


Surveys created with GroupMind can be used in context to your process. Our assessments and 360 learning processes were developed by facilitators that understand the challenges of aggregating and making sense of information. Surveys created with GroupMind are often the starting place for other processes.

CAIL: A New Way of Learning and Change

Crowd-Accelerated Individualized Learning

Reseau de personnes 3D bleuCrowd Accelerated Individualized Learning (CAIL) is a methodology developed by GroupMind and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Using cloud-based multimedia and video, CAIL socratic learning processes help participants to learn faster and retain more.

Leverage Your Team’s Collective Intelligence

GroupMind cloud-based tools help managers and HR departments with decision support, effective meetings, strategic planning, organizational assessments, change and crowd- accelerated learning. We use best practices and methodologies combined with the software. Here’s a snapshot of GroupMind toolset:


Support Remote Teams with GroupMind

Distributed and virtual teams can work together and make great decisions. Ideas become action across the globe with GroupMind cloud-based tools. GroupMind tools provide four necessities for dispersed teams to work effectively:

 1. A virtual workplace that bridges distance, time and culture.
2. Equal access to information
3. The opportunity to have rich qualitative conversations
4. An established set of tools and best practices

The Planning Continuum

PlanningContinuumRed2The Planning Continuum describes the phases of collaboration that GroupMind Express supports, whether in face-to-face meetings or with dispersed teams. Good decisions require current data, shared context, and a process that helps people buy into change.

GroupMind Clients

The Power of Integrated Planning Tools

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Today’s market is crowded with standalone single-purpose analytical tools that are very good at their single-purpose function.  Why? Because people are desperately seeking information to help them make the most effective business decisions possible.  However, in a business landscape where competitors pop-up overnight and constant change is the soupe du jour, understanding what’s needed to [...]

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Decision Support

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Decision support tools help teams to assess complex data and make decisions. GroupMind tools help in the following areas:     Shared Results     Uses & Benefits   Multiple Criteria Apply a variety of key criteria to a list of issues or standards Highlight numeric results and show graphic relationships Understand competing criteria through visual depiction of consequences Investigate [...]

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GroupMind and Collaboration

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Our background in organization development and P&L management feeds our passion about the need for teams to stay connected. We believe you can use the group’s collective intelligence to gather important information and to build support for better decisions. The ability to view what everyone is thinking makes a huge impact on how people work [...]

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